What We Do

What we do in Communities in Somalia and Kenya?

1-Education Enhancing

A. After school programs

i. Programming entails; career advice, motivational sessions, critical thinking strategies, time management, mentoring and of course tutoring or help with school work etc.

ii. Programming tutors are volunteers from the local communities – an opportunity to participate in your community growth

B. Schools and Advocacy

i. We help communities with no school build schools for their children or advocate for better school access in areas with school inaccessibility issues

ii. Secure Funding to build Schools in communities with no schools.

C. Curriculum modifications

i. Abab in collaboration and partnership with local educational institutions advocates for more curriculum emphasis on critical thinking and civic accountability themes. We believe students’ earlier exposure to these concepts would be helpful in building a stronger societal sense of accountability and justice.


Abab Education also runs leadership workshops. In these workshops, we discuss the vision ‘what ought to be’ and how we are going to achieve it. Participants are first asked to reflect and generate their own ideas to contribute to what they think would be the best leadership package for their community. Second, individuals are placed in brainstorming groups and in round tables for idea generation and further development and synthesis. Through these discussions Abab is keen on inspiring ‘out of the- status quo’ leadership vision for our communities.

In conclusion, we request each one of you to be part of this cause in any way possible.Thank you! Aqoon Bulsho Amaana Bulsho