Get Envolved

We Action It Campaign

Asalamu Alaikum,

We are communities’ members working to add to our communities and nation growth in education, civic accountability and genuine leadership. (Please read the “Who We Are” section on our website for more details.

We call and invite you to start and run in your local community :

(1) a homework program that could involve tutoring, critical thinking building, career advice etc.

(2) a leadership discussion group

(3) do civic engagement chats with school children in your community.

1- Once you decide you want to help your community in any of these fields, find a center or a room or a quiet street corner or a tree

2- Using your most convenient methods get some students or your local community members and start and do it for two hours once a week. If you need help finding materials on any of the three fields, we can help you find them

3- Get more youth members on board- Do not do all the work by yourself

4- If for some reasons, you do not know how to start, get in touch with us, we will guide you

5- Once you have the program running for six month or more, we will evaluate and check if it needs to expand but small is good for now.

6- We can help you do local fund raising in your community.


1. Tract all your revenues and expenses and make them publicly known or available to the public upon request

2. Feel good and proud of what you are doing but be humble

3. Hold yourself and everyone on your team to a high standard of integrity, transparency and accountability

4. Rely on your local community for resources


1. Any politics, power or money ambitions will not make you get to our long term goals

2. Do not rely on payment or praises for energy boost. Personal conviction is your engine

3. Avoid tribal distractions.


1. Abab is by Somali community members both in the west and in Africa

2. Abab is currently based in Canada and has also huge network in USA .

3. North America might be considered rich but most of us are students with very tight budget and owe the governments huge student loans. So we might not be monetarily very resourceful but we have the commitment to change the status quo in our society

4. We want to always hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity, transparency and civic accountability.

5. Our revenues ( even those that donate five dollars) and our expenses are published annually on our website

6. We are all volunteers and give both our time and even sometime our money for this course.